Doing as I am told.

Next Phase

Oh man. I am pretty excited for today. I get an idea what I will do with my blogs and how I shall organize the writings within them and also be writing my own book too.I can’t mix the two blogs, they are so different. One is the result of my thinking, the other, that is this one, is the day’s events, thoughts and ongoing thought processes.

I am excited because today is the rest of my life. Meaning, Next Phase here I am.

*Checking around.* So’s the people around me. we are moving together. We are growing together. We are moving to the next phase of our own lives. That really makes life very interesting.

For me, staying same ol same ol = death. Living death is the scariest thing for me. Might as well die. So then it is imperative for me to move, move in life, like a fish needing to keep swimming to breathe, that is how my life is.

Next phase = evolvement of our own lives.

To what ? To become who we are. The fullness of who we are. Individually, uniquely, wholesomely so.

When we become that there is no need to grab for attention, no need to be greedy to be noticed, no need to strive to be unnoticed, no need to appear clever or like the joneses. No need to boast of I know who’s who. No need to force elevate oneself’s position, jostle uncomely for it.

When we are the fullness of what and who we are, there is pure interaction. Nothing to mind of others, nor of others to us. We are neutral. That is where whatever we do, is of full capacity of efficiency, aesthetically pleasing, of tremendous power and authority.

Now isn’t that exciting ? !


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