Doing as I am told.

Getting Focused

How does one focus oneself ?

I wake up, I have a whole free day ahead of me. And because of that I get anxious. What shall I do with my free day ? Well its not really a free day, technically I made this day free for myself to do whatever.

So. What is my ‘whatever’ ? Thus I created my own anxiety because I have ‘choice’ and I have ‘freedom’.

I can

  1. read (so many choices, which one ?),
  2. write(not too hard),
  3. learn wordpress technical stuffs for example link (why is this a weight class all by itself ?)
  4. do laundry
  5. do ironing
  6. tidy house

So this does limit my choices. These are the things I want to do today. Very well. Let’s do them all. It’s all in a matter of order.

So I have cured my anxiety. Just like that !

Lol guess what I accomplished two things of number 3 today. I learnt to use the link button and distinguished  tag vs category  a little better.

Well let’s continue with the other stuffs then.

BBL with another post !



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