Doing as I am told.

Home At Last !

So, at the end of the day as from the previous blog, this is what I have done.

  1. read (so many choices, which one ?),
  2. write(not too hard),
  3. learn wordpress technical stuffs for example link (why is this a weight class all by itself ?)
  4. do laundry
  5. do ironing
  6. tidy house

1. I have read. Surprisingly, it wasn’t within the group of choices that I had in mind. I was following a lead on the net about personalities and on and on I went page after page of google and youtube. So it wasn’t my library books. It wasn’t the books or magazines that I recently bought.

Here’s the thing. When I was reading the techie instructions, how I whinged and whined as the sun moved its position in the sky as reflected from my window. But when I was reading this personality stuff, the sun came and went the same way but this time, I had no anxiety, I was there and when I had had enough, I was saturated and satisfied. Time wasn’t an issue. I’d like to know, how come so ?!!!

2. That’s ok, I am doing that here.

3. I learnt someting else, putting a link on the sidebar under blogroll, although I hadn’t intended for the whole set lunch to appear as well. I only wanted one link. Oh well. Enough lesson for the day. Undo maybe another time of learning. See, bite sized chunk of learning for those very difficult learning stuffs. Now I wonder why it is so difficult for me ? I think maybe it has to do with the fact of choices and how dazzled I am by the sheer vastness of the WorldPress WordPress universe. So dazzled that I paralyzed myself because I feel so small and stupid in it. Its more a psychological blockage rather than my ability to learn.

But on the other hand, I am excited. I have been staring at the idea of WordPress for years, the Idea of a webpage for years, CSS, HTML etc… because it changes so much and so fast, I did not want to invest my time and energy into painstakingly learning something that one dot removed the whole thing functions not, and also, be a tad slower and suddenly what I learnt is as usable as a dinasour. No way I was going to do anything there.  I could not get the logic. On a side note I believe it is more math logic than science. (a future topic to be explored). For the future pagemaking, it will get more user friendly logic !

So now in trepidation, still carrying the same baggage, I have hope, because years later, things still look roughly the same as in framework and ideas and all, but mainly every gets easier. And in time, it would get easier still. So now is about a good time to start, dinosaur not so soon ! Just one thing at a time. Next task I believe I will learn to insert pretty pictures into my writing page. Hmm… good task.

4. Laundry. Done.

5 Ironing. Done. Although I spent too long on it, over my comfortable limit. Tasks like these I don’t like to feel it. So if it is short enough, I will do it joyfully. Over a certain amount of time, I begin to suffer !

6. You could tell where my priorities are, although having an open space is important, they don’t seem to be as valued by me as other ‘more important tasks’ like changing the world ! Ah you notice the irony ? But I like a neat and spacious area. Clutter makes me uncomfortable. So I have to figure out ways of cheating, quick and most efficient ways and least energy consumption to keep it in good state. I have to do it so fast that I don’t feel it. So fast that I don’t get to start thinking I hate the world and it is the end of the world …… etc.

I really do like this Postadsay2011 challenge because I have finally found my community and I am happy to sit here and write and fiddle about the techie stuff and read my open books and read other blogs. I am HOME !    🙂






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