Doing as I am told.

Basking in Pleasure

I love this blog. It is so experimental. As I go along I learn so many things about blogging, blogging better. Best of all, as I take time to learn the tech aspects, I get better at it. And as I master the tech aspects, I get even prouder of my site !

When writing this blog, I have 4 open windows of WordPress.

  1. One for this blog
  2. one for another blog (slightly different aspects of writing)
  3. one of WordPress tutorials
  4. one of WordPress support.

I venture back and forth, and then settle on one .

Oh I am giddy with so much fun. WordPress is my playground. What’s more fun, I just read from WordPress support   right at the bottom of the page that I can figure it out as I go along. What a relief. What a license. And here I thought, I have to start by writing and doing everything so perfectly so that I can roll in then numbers and subscribers   Also all those freshly pressed blogs from WordPress is so picture perfect. I dared not do anything because I didn’t have much clue about actually doing blogging.

Wowzer ! I can play ! Play and play, and those other pro stuff and picture perfect presses will come in later. Tech skills here can only be added to, since the dinosaur wipeout will not happen so quickly. So that means I can only get better at it by perseverance and more play !




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