Doing as I am told.

Har de har har !

I am so excited that I tired me out. I have already written a blog in my head. I was furiously pounding away at the keyboard inside my head. Describing the joys and excitement and luck of being on WordPress. By the time I hit the table and the keyboard, I am tired out.

So here I am in this very particular state.

(is it ok to LOL ?)

heh… I am still giddy. What a joy to be on WordPress. What a joy to write, to tell stories. Excited, giddy, do I actually need alcohol to get high ? !!

Lol…I am not going to ask for permission anymore, is it proper to laugh out loud while getting high just by being on WordPress ?

Ok. I am not laughing out loud. My facial muscles have the most minuscule twitch. But my heart is dancing and laughing with so much joy


my head is really getting quite giddy.

Maybe I am dehydrated (lol)

hmm…Is this counted as a Postaday2011?

Oh never mind. Let me settle down a bit more, let’s see if we can get more sober writing in.



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