Doing as I am told.

Sitting, Sipping and Saving the World

I enjoy coming here a lot. I look forward to my meeting with WordPress. The whole day passes and with the events of the day,  I wonder, what is a good story to write ? What can I write about ?

Today I was more concerned with adding new pictures to my blog to prettify it, a goal I mentioned. Due to the wipeout of my old laptop and unable to access  the other old computers (I did say I was techno challenged but improving),I am writing now in a totally new netbook just for this purpose of writing, I have no ready image to use. Armed with a camera, I went out, but I must say, I can’t just take pictures for the sake of taking them. There was no inspiration, no viewpoint, colours, contrasts that called out to me to be shared. So I’ll have to delay that for another day.

One just can’t force things.

I like coming back here to sit. I look forward to coming back here to sit. My drinks ready, and I look at what other Blogaday2011 participants have written before I start writing mine.


So, what about today. Its been an emotionally colourful day. Events neutralized each other, so I am at the moment, neutralized.

Blogging this intensely is very interesting. It gives me an insight in how I feel and behave at different times of the day with specific regards to writing.

I also feel an intense purpose to it which has to do with today’s theme as well, ‘who is responsible for our planet?’ I feel a feeling that cannot be helped, that I have to say things to remind, educate and inspire those at the right moment of crossing my path to hear.

I have seen too many things go wrong, start wrong and traced them right to their beginning. You can actually consider me a reluctant  finger wagger. Its really none of my business what people want to do, its not that anyone can really change anyone else. But somehow along the way, after being exhorted to do so, and finding me in life’s maturity, having a talent of looking at things in depth and in detail, being in position to speak plus having the aptitude to do so, why ever not? Don’t be selfish. I have my  unique place in the world with my very own unique talents of expression. I myself became a believer when I saw frustrated stuck lives come through with my input. So really, its a matter of Don’t be Selfish.

But no worries folks, there will be no soapbox ‘Thou shalt do this, ‘Thou shalt not do that’ here. This blog with Blogapost2011 is mainly for my experimentation as I find my voice and style in the written word.

And since I do not have a picture for today, I learnt to embed a youtube video link instead while trying to find an image to break up the monotony of the words. Oh, but I put it at the end of the post…. !

Oh anyway, here it is. They are BEFORE my time, mind you ! Enjoy.



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