Doing as I am told.

Suicide ? Oh !

I think I have been with words for a bit too long today. I am blurred between the words in my brain, words that I read. They have become a mash up in my brain and I do not feel I am any more productive. There is no clarity, no chop chop choppiness, no zest. Maybe it’s also because of the suicide theme of WordPress for today. Bleah, bleah and bleah.

Is there such a thing as separation ? No doubt, I have plenty of things to write about. But, really. Bleah. Do I force a writing through that ?

Maybe its time to separate for a while. Do something different. Get some perspective again.

Not that I have not done today’s task for Postablog2011. Its in my other blog.I was excited when I wrote that.

I was just being ambitious, I thought I had more hours to to explore, write more and better pieces. I do have the hours but longer hours does not seem to mean much. In fact, somehow it turned into a Bleah Zone.

I honestly do not feel like talking about suicides. Because, I feel too strongly about it. I definitely have my take in it. But like I mentioned earlier at the current moment, I do not want to talk about topics too close to my chest.

It is definitely an important topic, but really. For now,  Bleah.

Let me think about this whole thing.



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