Doing as I am told.

No Story

It seems when you are on your own, there is no story to tell. There is no story because there is no conflict, no tension, therefore no need for resolution. Thank God for that ! Its a great day. I could tell you I did this and did that. So nothing is pushed up to the surface as a need to write, inform or share.

I must say that finding my readership as being possible spam referrers might have had a huge deflating effect on me.

So initially I wrote for myself and happy to write for myself. Then I began to write for my possible readership. Quantum physics is true. What observes you changes you. Let me see tomorrow after WordPress has cleared these bots out of my stats,  I’ll see how I feel. Does that mean when I have no longer observers then I go back to before ? No. I think I am changed already. I have become aware of my readership, even if bogus. I have become self conscious.

I have to think on this too.

But isn’t it true that one does write for readers ? All those blog lessons that I read says that.

Anyway, I need to start over.

Or  I may possibly compile a book on ‘ways to not feel like writing’.


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