Doing as I am told.

My life is getting serious again. I’ve had a high point, then a rest neutral point. Now its getting serious again.

I have a lot more serious writing to do. The trouble is, writing is so open, the choices how to write is so open, that the very fact of decision making as to which perspective to pick, that itself causes its own stoppers and delays.

And then come to the point as I found out these days of Postablog2011, the more it matters to me, the less willing I am to share. The more important the events are, the less I want to talk about them.

I used to blahblahblah no problem at all, especially over things I am so passionate about. So it seems I am becoming more selective in what I am putting out.

Postablog2011 was for me a lighthearted project. Just quick, short and easy writing. But I found I was no longer able to spew out nonsense just for the sake if fulfilling a daily obligation.

There have been very thoughtful posts that have had me thinking like On Secrets, even the daily questions from WordPress like suicide and euthanasia. To those I was not able to come up with witty quick remarks. There were so many undertones that it wasn’t fair for me to just have opinions.

Wow, even my blog is evolving via Postaday2011.

I am curious what it will look like in days to come.




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