Doing as I am told.

Being Positive

Today I had a great idea. I am going to learn to cartoon so that I can tell the things people do in a funny way. Turn an awful situation into a hilarious one. I don’t want to use words because somehow they travel to a different part of the brain and I don’t want to relive the experience. Its better to turn it around and create humor out of it. Now is that positive or is that positive !

I am in constant regular touch with someone who is so into being positive that he  is in actual denial of ever saying anything derogatory. Yes, it really happened. Twice. ‘I never said that. I never say such a thing.’ He is a very reasonable man and not prone to self denial. But his will and intention is so strong that it totally escapes himself. I was so amazed and it became my joke. He had ignored even part of himself.

Since we are at the subject of positivity, I am also into the idea of non dualism, since dualism is still not a goal high enough. I am and idealist so let me be !

For dualism, if you have in mind positivity, the equal opposite is emphasized just as strongly. Think about it. For you to have a concept of being positive, you emphasize the point that negativity exists. Therefore you choose one, you create the other into existence.

So I wonder, is it the fact that he is so into being positive that I somehow am conscious of the stories that I am telling ? I said to him, if there is no negative, there is no story to tell. Every story structure has a conflict to come into a resolution. No negative equals no positives equals no story to tell.

So what is a negative anyway ? Well, I bet you have met very negative people, they are very unpleasant to be around with, so indeed, being positive is better than being negative.

But to emphasize one and to ignore the existence of the other, is this the best way ?

I am not completely convinced. Although I sure prefer clean environments to rat infested ones.



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