Doing as I am told.

A Separate Mind

Hmm. I have to figure out now how to use the typekit. I love this theme but I am not too keen on its font. It’s too round and cartoony and thick.

Anyway, today’s topic for the day is about me learning the bass guitar. Over the years I found I am non musical, which is really strange because I am good at accents in languages. Shouldn’t that make me musical ? But I have no notion of music, how to make one. I am only a listener enjoying them. Not too sophisticated either. Simple bubblegum pop is good enough to raise my spirits and keep it raised. I guess that’s because the rest of my life and my brain analyses is on the heavy side, I don’t need to add that aspect to music. Music really is beyond my comprehension. I am not sure of its logic. Of its effects I know. Just who made the 12 notes for example ? Why is it only twelve ? How can twelve notes make such tremendous study like the classicals? My friends and neighbours learning piano up to the diploma level, what they do is a mystery to me. Not that they can enlighten me either after all those years of hard work and exams in music theory.

So, like the Daily Post inspiring topic , I can live forever, I decided to go it, after doing what I needed to do and accomplish in my life, now I am going for the non serious stuff. There is no career out of it and there is nothing that I can see to add to my repertoire of expertise. It stands on its own. I am not even sure I will get to jam with anyone else. I am just so clueless. But I decided I will have plenty of time. I am sure I am not so dumb, let’s try it, before I die. I have the means to get me the guitar and the books now. Oh yes, I have not decided to take lessons yet for I will not take the pressure of performance for now. As if blogging and writing is not pressure enough on top of other things.

So I picked up my bass guitar, going slowly. I am surprised. After learning to sight read the notes and the left hand on the frets and the right hand  doing the one two rhythm, I have surprised myself. While I am still trying to read the notes and coordinate my left hand on the neck and my right hand to find the right string, suddenly, my hands go much faster than my ability to say my abcs and even faster than I can follow the notes. It suddenly remembers the rhythm and space and goes it by itself. I found that amazing. It learnt by itself. I am not even sure which aspect to concentrate on. The singing of the notes abc, the looking at the notes, or just letting my fingers swing in its own rhythm and memory, following perfectly, which will help me learn the music better ? Anyway,  I think it is fantastic. Especially it had been difficult for me to differentiate on which bar the black dot is on to differientiate the notes. I have to count each note, or go back to the cheat sheet, or tabs. I also thought I was going to have a hard time remembering the sequence of notes. But no, I am doing real fine !

I think it’s going to be ok after all. I myself am amazed how my hands learn by themselves and go their way. Isn’t the body just amazing, how it has a mind of its own independent of my own brain ?


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