Doing as I am told.

Democracy or Capitalism ?

I feel like a serious blog today but yet this moment I do not want to go into full fledged debate about the state of things and governments and which system is the best. For example, is Democracy the best system in the world? Be honest. Its actually Capitalism that rules the world, not Democracy. That point is rather mute.

But it is true, reading other people’s blogs do inspire topics. I just don’t want to state the obvious especially where I don’t have the energy of one person like Nelson Mandela to change anything. I don’t have a whole life to be dedicated to a cause.

To cause a significant change in society one needs to change all the strata, too big to think about. You can literally feel the inertia and the weight of a whole history.  But look, about an Ipad, Iphone and the whole world just spins on them. Who rules ?

On that I better shut up. I was kinda happy to arrive here in a state at peace with no topic in my head. I just wish there was a topic that is really peaceful and leaves me sweet.


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