Doing as I am told.

What’s the deal ?

Today someone told me that I had a block. I had better consider that block. That Writer’s Block. I’d told her that when things don’t matter, I can write about them. But when things really, really matter, I just blip by. I had told her a story about what I did to change a little feller’s life by working with one willing parent. How successful it was. She said, why don’t you tell that story ? I said, its usually because I don’t feel it is pertinent to the general population. Whatever I do with individuals and my success with them, yes to even my own amazement, I do not feel I can generalize it for the open population. I asked her ‘ Did you get anything out of the story ? ‘ She said yes and she elaborated.


So its a point for me to ponder. What’s keeping me from telling what I really really feel passionately about, what I really really care about?

I’d prepared my writing space, time, equipment. But what’s keeping me from writing what truly matters, especially in a world turned upside down causing so much common modern misery among peoples ?

Because I care too much and don’t want to throw pearls at pigs ? (Having painfully experienced that)

Because I don’t want stones thrown at me for being helpful ?

Because I don’t care that much about the plight of humanity seeing that it is humans themselves who caused their own problems ? Why is it that their problem becomes my problem when all I really want to do is to mind my own business ?

I am not sure what’s keeping me from writing what really matters.

Because I am savouring my living triumph of the day and find that recording history is like writing a  dead book ?

I don’t even want to fictionalize events because real life is already so dramatic that one does not need fictional drama.

So, what’s the deal ?


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