Doing as I am told.

Top Priority !

I am one of those lucky people who gets what she dreams about. Some were not conscious, some were very conscious. Some  of them, when I got them, I wasn’t ready. Some I found came with unexpected complications. Some were so wonderful and I would never have come across them in the straightforward manner. I couldn’t make it happen by sheer tenacity or positive thinking or any logical manner.

So some became better and better. Some I couldn’t hold on to. Some I was so shocked at the dream come true bit that I threw them out the window as soon as it arrived.

What makes dreams successful ? No matter what, you keep to it. And you will not compromise, you risk failure, you risk the thing never coming to fruition. You will not compromise your very high standards. You follow the principles of the successful before you, like,  one door closes another door opens.

Why can’t you keep them ? You are unprepared. Think lottery winners who lose it as fast as it came. These are wishful thinking because there is no substance to the wishes. Just I want a good lazy life, I want to look good, I want all peoples to bow before me.

I cannot fully answer this topic because I do not know what to want. Can you beat that ? That’s because I came to a point where I got all that I wanted that is important to me. I do not know how much more I can want, or what else I can want. How silly you think is this problem ? I can see it too. I am still in that place.

Being unprepared, suddenly when I get the windfall, I am unsure what to do. I live life in some kind of rhythm. So when something comes that breaks it up big, I am the sort that seems to be frozen, unable to disturb my ongoing rhythm. So I miss the window of opportunity. I cannot actually complain that gold does not drop to my feet. They do. I am too righteous to pick it up ! Perhaps I am too comfortable in my own valiant achieve-it-all-by-yourself struggles to dare accept a free pass ? I also know people who would prefer to stay with the familiarity of their misery rather than take the opportunity to get well when the opportunity arises, no matter how much they complain about their poorly situation. Do you know people like that ?

Sometimes I wish for something, but it arrives in a form that is tomfoolery. It has all the ingredients that I asked for except with some unexpected twist. Santa Claus is quite a joker. So here I have questions about how to ask for something.

So basically these are the three issues I struggle with (seriously dare I even use the word struggle here in this rich context? )

1. What do I really want ?

2. If I want something, how do I want it ? (hey how would I know how to want something if I haven’t the experience in having it? ) So when the dreams get answered, how unfair, the experience is not as I envisioned in my head! (really I can see how you think I have no right to complain. I think the same too)

3. When it arrives, how can I let go of control in my immediate environment to accept it with grace and adjust/ fit it into my lifestyle ?

4. Believing in my own good fortune, that I actually deserve to have it easy and fun, and that I can manage it reasonably well (wow, do I actually create my own problems or what !)

Thanks Scott Berkun for this question. I will ponder it for a while too. I think it is worth it.Top Priority.












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