Doing as I am told.

High as the Stars in the Sky !

Today I am on a slight bit of a high. Actually I was very very high.

Then I managed to tone it down a bit. But I am still somewhat high.

Guess what that extra high will be used for, My Dreams ! The Next Phase !

During that total almost manic high, I had to figure out what’s what.

The first was a very unpleasant experience of a self put down.

The second was meeting someone that I didn’t want to meet and got my mind blown out (in a good way)

The third was having a potential little dream come true which sent me in a worried frenzy of what if this, what if that…what ifs….

All in the same space of a book signing event.

So for the self put down, I looked closer at the event and realized that its actually a good thing. instead of shying away, I actually got a skin thick enough to speak my way through. It is good indication although a bit clumsy but that is an art that will take repeated do’s ! So the bad thing is actually a good thing.on my part.. Its good to develop a thick skin but I do hope that in time I get an appropriate gracious skin for any circumstance.

For the second, not wanting to meet this successful glamorous highly intelligent powerful person, I actually got the serendipity to be nudged to her attention. What she asked of me and said to me actually were power words preparing me and kinda shoving me to my next phase.

And the third, let’s not worry about what we don’t know. Just first gather the intell, go for the meet and see what can come up. Maybe something maybe not.

And in the meanwhile, that extra energy and the new thick skin will be directed toward a vision dream forming in shape.

Making your dreams come true ? Watch it come to pass !




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