Doing as I am told.

Brain Gear

Hmm. I sit here reluctant to write anything. I am waiting for inspiration, a snap of the fingers and the hand starts typing. Usually when my brain is in neutral, I am reluctant to disturb it. It is resting. Usually my brain is very busy.

Oh I know what. My brain is usually busy, just where and what it is busy with that differs. Usually for me to write anything good, I have to have a full day of doing nothing, just being in neutral gear for the brain, which is different from being bored. Bored is busy-ness for the mind, agitated mind to be placated. Neutral mind is at ease, at peace and just chilling. Being in neutral gives me the space for something to come up, something that is not rubbish, but actually meaningful. So if I have had a busy day meeting people and working, then by the time I come back, I do not have the unwinding of the day and making sense of it to actually write anything that I myself will enjoy.

Imperative that I enjoy my own writing.

And I just did.


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