Doing as I am told.

More Techie Challenged

There might be hope for me, techiewise.  I read a magbook that I bought some months ago about building websites. I am now beginning to understand getting my domain name, about hosting, about html, scripts, databases and the like. Doing Dailypost2011 on wordpress helped alot. The fact that they come up with new themes help  too. I get to see what I like or don’t like, and how helpless I feel about being able to change somethings or not. But these add to my education. So I understand that a website has many customizable parts. It is getting interesting. I would like to hand over my website design to a pro but I have learnt that I cannot totally put ignorant trust to them because I cannot utilize the site fully as I do not know what to want or what I can or cannot want and if the designer has the skills for what I want, and will I be overcharged for a basic small job. Control freak I am, so be it. At least I know.

I am now busy about my website, learning about building one and planning for one. Doing WordPress gave me some confidence. I learnt to link , put a badge on the sidebar, add blogroll, well little things like that because everytime I change a new theme, I have to do the same stuff all over again.

I still haven’t found out how to get photos from the camera or phone and transfer them to the computer so that I can insert pictures into my blog. I haven’t gone there yet. I did go out with a camera today, but came back empty handed. I had 2 good photos captured in my head, but I said later, I’ll come back again. but it doesn’t work that way does it ? See it, frame it, shoot it.


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