Doing as I am told.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse. What happened ? Why such a short career ? Where and when  was that tipping over ? Booze is sold aplenty everywhere. But drugs ? What kind of overdose did she have? Sleeping pills ? Cocaine ? If drugs, what kind of friends did she have that keeps supplying her ? What kind of friends would have supply to drugs ? What kind of friends would you want to have that have access to drugs ? Is it that cool, drugs ?

But what happened? Really ? What was her internal world like ? What was she going through from the beginning of hitting high success?

I don’t chase  after singers in particular, I do enjoy the pop they put out. I happened to like Rehab and the songs she was famous for. I like them in passing. I enjoy it when singers can put out great songs. But why does she have to take it so seriously ? Perhaps I am mistaken, its because she didn’t take it so seriously at all. From what I gather, its been a laugh. But it no longer became laughing matter after a while. She wasn’t there anymore. She was taken here and there, flown here and there, promoting and promoting , her body was taken everywhere. Herself, floating somewhere, not totally with it. The separation, became wider and wider, and lost total control.

I guess when one achieves God status by accident, ungroomed and unprepared, it is inevitable that things will go out of hand.



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