Doing as I am told.

Amy Winehouse, Farewell

Amy Winehouse,

I understand you have made peace with yourself.

You have lived the most and fullest you could, past all your comfort zones.

You have loved the best you could though you could not make it one-sidedly work.

You have given the world your very best, your truest best.

You have lived, felt, experienced so much more than anyone can understand.

You have come to a very lonely place.

You have lived so much and so full, best to your knowledge and ability.

You knew,

when you wanted to go,

when you had to go

why you had to go.

We are sorry your time with us is so short.

We are sorry for the misery you had to go through,

A journey so far, return is only for the saints.

We understand.

Better to start over

Another time.

Your peace now, is my peace.


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