Doing as I am told.

The Good Stuff

What shall we talk about today? Let’s count more blessings. Scott Berkun chose a neutral topic today. Food. Phew. What a relief. Peace. Controversy is good and interesting, but only with thoughtful minds. Otherwise one would be talking to a tree trunk. Then it would be the west side tree trunks facing off with the east side tree trunks. Nothing to do with the exploration of the topic at hand. Just bringing out the banners and chanting slogans. Your slogan vs our slogan. Does that bring anything forward? Actually those previous two topics he chose were quite neutral, interesting to look at, if looked at deeply, gems to discover. But because the words were associated to tree trunks, there was a natural segregation which made it no fun to participate. So, that’s a totally plus blessing of the day. I am so relieved.

What other blessings can I count? Oh I am spoilt for choice.  So many things I want to do, I actually despaired over it. Time is limited. Time in a day is limited. Time in a life is limited. I have my personality quirks to consider. My aptitude and attention level for different activities. Competing activities. Extrovert vs introvert activities. Doing something vs doing nothing (both equally important). Work building priorities vs hobby stuffs (that matter of guilt). Add a significant other into the picture and the whole thing can go verily askew.

WordPress and its Postaday2011 challenge has empowered me. It being the focal point, little by little I am getting the hang of the blog, website creation (at least able to understand what I am reading), hosting and things like that. I found myself actually excited when I  realized I understood what I was reading. So it is not so much a giant foreign entity. I am breaking into being part of it.

I am also interested in movie making. I own a Final Cut Express but I never went past Imovie. So much I want to explore and make something out of it. I had involved myself with an amateur film making group but I found that it required so many different aspects that I knew my brain would not let me devote myself to it, due to the competing interests.

I want to draw cartoons so that I can illustrate the comical situations I find everyday.

Like I mentioned before, I want to understand and be able to make music. I have the electronic drumkit and a bass guitar, but just for my own interest of self learning. I don’t know how long it would take for me to get anywhere but that is not a problem because it is its own universe of which I know very little. I mean, I like to understand things deeply and wholly, immerse myself totally while learning.

Technology is harder for me because there is nothing much to understand in its wholesomeness. It comes to us in bits and pieces as it is being developed. So nothing much to really understand or comprehend, unless  it stays still long enough for me to get to it.

The things above are slightly harder for me due to their sit down nature. I am not a natural sit down and do something at the table for hours kind of person.

So I am very lucky because I have such choices of things to do.  The great thing is if I live long enough, I might just be able to do them all. But they are under the ‘nice to do’ category except for the website, I do need one up. That’s a great motivator.




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