Doing as I am told.

I Am Them

What is going to be a topic for today?

I just began the year and already it is August. I have become Them. Busy I have been dissecting my own brain. Busy I have been attempting to move my life to whichever ways. So busy that when I looked up, I have become them. The older folks. Unbelievable, so I had to rush my mind to befitting my age. Rush job it is.

Have you ever seen an adult behave like a child? Awful isn’t it? Especially when they go comparing, competing with and  mimicking the younger ones, when they really should be mentoring them.  ‘Oh, is that your mother? I thought she was your sister’.  But in the work force the threat is very real. Young and up coming stars riding over obsoleting oldies. Unless the oldies hold tight clout. Because of my explorative mind I didn’t actually remember to mature. I was too busy perpetually wondering about this and that, and trying out this and that and often times having to pick myself up and dust off while nursing the knocks and bruises from my experiential adventures. Suddenly I notice the young uns flock themselves to themselves. And even if they came talk to me to welcome me into the group, I tell em my age and suddenly they have disappeared somewhere. Suddenly I don’t know what to say to them. Suddenly, they were a them. Hey ! I was them once too. And WE owned the World. The Entire Future was Ours! Those adults and their old fashioned ideas…

So them I no longer am. I am now the other Them.

Time and Mortality a constant in my thoughts.

Yes I got my wish list. I wanted to understand the ages across the spectrum. I wanted to understand and to know the real beings behind the great looking fronts and facades. (I actually think that fronts and facades might be a better idea. What is in the closet better remain in the closet, not meant for eyes to see. Not very pleasant especially the more forceful fronts and facades. Bleah. What was that topic about evil? Ok, maybe not evil. But ‘not very nice’ is politically correct? Mayhaps the more apt description would be ‘not as nice as they would like you to think all niceness about them’.

Anyway, Time and Mortality.

The once Kings and Conquerors fade and whither away. Watch them cling in their eyes unbelievably how it is possible, disrespected, shoved aside, vetoed left and right.

The Reigning Kings and Conquerors, the Immortals suddenly disappear from sight. Turboed Evolution of body parts. Cut, burn or die. Replacement of plastics and metals and tic tocs. Extra little bits to be taken a few times a day, everyday. The shock of suddenly, too late.

The Young Uns ? Let them dream away, it is good for them.

What’s this got to do with me ? Leave the young their place. Move me on to the next phase. With my accumulated understanding and experience of life, let me open the way for them, lead them through. Let them take their places as Kings and Conquerors with grace, power, knowledge and wisdom.

Let me age with Grace, Respected and Sought. And let me drop the childish things.

Time and Mortality. Not to be ignored, cannot be ignored, will not be ignored.

This post was written without suffering.


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