Doing as I am told.

WordPress is Real Cool

Today, I shall write about how much WordPress is helping me grow as a blogger and as a person. I have mentioned before how much I enjoy WordPress and the Postaday2011 challenge. But I have to say it again, because each time I feel it afresh. Sometimes it is a bit too much for me, especially from Scott Berkun’s occasional controversial topics on the comment page. Not really controversial as such but to provoke thought therefore to write those thoughts opinions and arguments, thus inspiration of the day for blogging. Yes, a bit too much, but a few hours later, I am back again, with a fresh insight or post.

I begin to find my voice and style as I feel my way around. How I can’t bring myself to write sometimes. How when I do not know what to write about but start with ‘What shall I write today?’ And somehow the post begins to write itself. That is what I look for, the post that writes itself. I don’t suffer for it. I don’t got time to suffer ! Writing is part of my life, I plan it to be so, but not all of it. I have a few concurrent projects to work on and I want them to coexist harmoniously, the juggling in my brain. I used to work only on one thing at a time.  A few things together would overwhelm me, but I am learning to put them in their places and work with ease.

How different I have grown, the things I want to say, a need to say, to quote on the topic of evil ‘Evil is when you do nothing and  say nothing..’

I used to shut up when I feel very strongly about something, because I feel so strongly that I can actually trip myself up without uttering a single word. Also, I do not like getting into fights, especially when verbal exchange leads not to greater understanding but the need to prove one’s point and to be right, when it all becomes mere semantics.

But now, as explained in the previous post,  I do need to speak as speaking will benefit those in need of what I say. To be able to affect one or two lives deeply and positively is already more than a miracle. People don’t change that easy do they, or give up ideas that have formed their identity. Shake that up and who remains? The possibility of Nobody.That’s a real scary thought. Planting a seed, creating a questioning mind would be fantastic already.

Like I said, only for those who have ears to hear.

And for myself, I have to grow up too. It’s now called Maturing. So I need to speak, and be patient, and if I feel very strongly about a topic, let the buzz go round and round in my head, when it settles continue to speak about it. That would be better than just shake my head and move away and throw up my hands and say ‘Some People!’

Yes on the occasional times, I will come across as offensive and unthoughtful but that is not intended. In attempting to learn to speak, at the beginning, I expect to be clumsy about it and to step on a few toes, maybe many toes until I learn to speak with diplomacy. I am a Libra after all, it shouldn’t be that hard. The good thing about the Daily Post is, people don’t have to come in if they don’t feel like it, so it is quite safe to explore this space.

As for my subscribers, thank you for doing so, please allow me the space for the intention of this blog to be an experiential and training blog mainly while I find my way around blogging.

So this is how WordPress and its Postaday2011 challenge is good for me. I already have mentioned the technical motivators. I have yet to find out how to transfer pictures from the camera/phone to the computer.

Thumbs up for WordPress, Postaday2011 challenge and Scott Berkun !


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