Doing as I am told.

X-men Brain

What is there to write about today?

You know ‘The Power of Now’? The funny thing is, I got so good at it that, I actually have a problem of Continuity. I do sometimes literally experiment with the things I read about.  Things that interest me, especially the brain stuff , I don’t just nod and chime in and talk about it. I like to go on and understand it by doing.  You can tell opinionators from the people who actually practically know it. Sometimes I get great results, sometimes, I get to notice other problems. So like this particular one, being in the now is incredible. You stop your head spinning with do do do, or worry about tomorrows and what will happen, you get to stop conversations about the past and what you are made of and how it is affecting you now and keeping you stuck. So you kind of sit and it is a relief, very restful. You actually stop your brain talking to yourself. So like now, I am totally present and having a relaxed conversation with my white full screen blog page, having no other agenda that needs looking at a watch, and not going to tomorrows or going  back to what recently happened .I am not pushing a topic, but a topic is happening by itself.  There is a difference in the tension in my brain and scalp.

So when your mind is resting, it gives every pressing thing a break. The great thing is, ideas and insights come out of it. Effortlessly. You don’t make it come. It just floats up.

I played around with it quite out of necessity. I have a runaway brain, sometimes whizzing so fast like a bullet train that it over runs its stops. It is like a hose with high pressure water coming through it, that the head will flip around like a live snake unhandled. Hey what good is an idea if it can’t get to me ? If it misses its stops like making its appearance in my conscious mind ?

Sometimes it will just latch on to something that has no reasonable function.

So when I can get it to stop, I give my brain a rest, I give me a rest and actually can turn it into something very useful. Insights and ideas. I myself found them incredible!

So like the X-men in school My brain needs discipline and training, or I would get burnt. Burnt out. Use my gifts carefully.

So the funny thing about being in the Now, is its Continuity. I can stay in that restful state, something like ‘Duh’. It really feels fantastic, especially  if my brain had been having some workout or  quarrels within. Trouble is, I am so rested, I don’t actually remember the plot. If it is accompanied by an overnight sleep I don’t remember first hand where I left off. I have to wake up a bit, or shake my head like a dog after a bath figuratively.

And then it can even latch on to the not so great stuff as the left off point which can cause me to panic till I find my bearing and my mind again.  Or I have to go through a few points to remember because there are so many things I want to do and interested to do, open projects as well as the ‘have to’s ‘which are not so pleasant. It doesn’t have a Restore Point. I wonder how to create that specifically?

I ask that question  consciously now as  I had been having my own private joke about the irony of it each time I scramble to get my brain back in order. But it is a waste of time and energy to repeat again and again from its unspecific landing point.

And let’s see.




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