Doing as I am told.

Techie Dunce no more !

Finally, I have graduated out of Techie Dunce class. I no longer qualify ! I am Techie getting somewhat smarter. I can finally understand what I am reading. I know what email hosting is. POP, IMAP, SMTP. Affiliated marketing, SEO, analytics  for starters. I can say Radeon chips  is superior to Intel, only that Intel is more advertised therefore well known.

etc. 🙂

For example, POP is your letter box to your home address. Once you got the mail there, it is delivered. But if you happened to be at your holiday home, your other address, you won’t be getting the mail because it’s already been delivered to your normal address. But with IMAP, you can retrieve your mail from either or both, or more addresses that you own. SMTP is your local postbox/post office for delivering your mail out.

I just obtained my own domain, got my email addy with it. Next the hosting and web design stuff.

Things are falling into place for me, or is it that familiarity over the years with some basic technology that doesn’t change too radically makes it easier.

So like the day’s topic of the great idea, this one seems to be coming to pass. Many years later. I finally am getting it. Almost 15 years later from my first own computer. 10 years from the first web design class  I took which I dropped almost immediately because I just didn’t get it.  There were just too many pieces, I didn’t know what went where.

So we continue..


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