Doing as I am told.

The Spade and the New Clothes

Do you know the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes?

When I first heard of it as a child, I did not understand it. I mean, c’mon, who is so stupid as not to see plain nakedness of the Emperor ? I mean, so stupid, how stupid can stupid be? How absurdly stupid.

I was a child then. I knew I didn’t know a lot. I was a child. So it did not make sense to me that the adults can’t see the no clothes on the emperor. And as for the emperor, how can someone so stupid be an Emperor ?

The story was unbelievable. I did remember thinking, how on earth did this story ever make it to be a story at all, especially for kids ? So that was how I remembered the story. Not for its morals, but for its incredubility.

Until I became an adult. Growing up, I always thought others new better. For sure, wider exposure to the world, longer life experience than I, more education, more travels higher positions, power suits.

That was my humility. As it is.

Then as I grew older, I realized the above wasn’t true. More and more it wasn’t true.

Then finally, one day, the thought struck me. The Emperor’s New Clothes ! Now I understood.

Ingenious the one who thought up the story. I guess the times are no different. It is the tendency of the human condition. The herd mentality, the denials. The great Opinionators.

I mean, call a spade a spade, man.

Err… did you first see it as a spade or was it something else, a fork? A saucepan ? What did you see it was ? Did you see it as a spade ?

If you did, do you believe what you see ?

If you did believe that what you saw was as spade, would you call it as so? Even if EVERYONE else sees it as a kite maybe ?

The brain, the eyes, the connections, it is too interesting. And totally absurd.


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