Doing as I am told.

A little bit of this and that :)

I am unsure what to write about today.

I could write about my webtechie progress. It is going ok, except I cannot receive emails, unsure why so will call godaddy’s support hotline.

I could write about the 30 Navy Seals killed in the plane. What a waste. The expertise and the years of training. And how dumb are their leaders not to follow what happened when 16 Navy Seals were killed in 2005 flying on one plane. Now they put 30 of their top prized people ALL in one plane ? I mean stupid  or what? Or the 2005 people became vets and retired. None of them any longer active on the field.

I admire them. I love watching, hearing and learning about them.

I have no burning topic for the day.

So let’s make it a thanksgiving post.

I am so glad I have time, opportunity and the ability to do any and all of my dreams.

I am so glad all my hard work paid off and I am now starting to reap the rewards of years of labour, pushing boundaries and  perseverance. It’s like the pain in the literal butt of learning snowboarding, but once I got it, the fun and exhilaration begins. I now live life nonchalantly, although seriously. My life is my creation, in a very big way. The creation is quite limited to my personality though. But within my personality, it is now and forevermore my creation. Till I drop. I exist for a wee while, and then I drop. No more.

I am glad I get to be part of creation and I get to create. I get to paint my own canvas that is my life. Except, sigh, I am still not that skilled at it. Or else, I would be now the bass guitar jammer, and drummer and webmaster, drive my porches’ and live in the big houses in great neighbourhoods. So does that mean when I get skilled, I would be and have those things ? 🙂 So let’s get skilled then !

So I am gaining those skills. My pleasure in life is learning things. Seriously learning things. My fun is in learning things. My high is when I get it for those things.

I am glad for the people in my life. They get better and better.

I am glad my skills to paint and create my life gets better and better !

Today, this song has been going round and round in my head.

I am so glad I get to hear it. I am so glad, The original guys lived to make this music before they left us, one of their last finest. The geniuses, those ahead of their time. Killed by small minded status quo people. Yes but blame it on drugs. (like, blame the trillions debt on Obama, I mean, do they really think the voters stupid? Can the people tell they are being referred to as stupid by the politicians? )

I am so glad I get to see stupid for stupid. And get to call it stupid. Hey that’s something to be thankful for ! Stupid is as stupid does?

The Beach Boys – Kokomo













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