Doing as I am told.

Lightly Does It

Today I will go light. I feel like indulging myself. Too much not funny reality in the past weeks. I feel like a load is unloaded off me today. I feel light and somewhat fancy free. The world’s burden is not on my shoulders. I said what I needed to say, I pointed out what needed to be heard. That much was mine to do.

I think Atlas finally Shrugged. Read Ayn Rand.

My domain  email has been set right after a phone call. It needed updating by the host. Nothing to do with my being tech savvy. The domain name came with one webpage. I fiddled with it (template) and astounded myself seeing it live. Smug. Proud. Excited.

Past few weeks, I felt like my figurative skin was being shed. I’d outgrown my own skin. Ouch. Quite tight.

I had also been grappling with an unease, nothing could ease it and I could not quite get at it. Finally someone savvy pointed it out to me. One part of my life had become my whole life. That means outside of that part life, I have no life. Ah, my life is not quite balanced. So now that I see the picture, I will relegate that part of life to its part, and allow for the other living parts to blossom and grow.

Really man, I do take life too seriously. Moronic statement. I take life so seriously that I am not living it ?




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