Doing as I am told.

Reading and Me

What shall I write about today? Let’s explore.

My life moves slowly. I usually move one thing at a time, usually not at all. My brains whizzes fast.

I grew up on fiction, I love fiction dearly, but owing to the available hours for indulgence, feeling the paper, smelling the new book smell, flipping the pages, looking at the print type, holding it in my hand, the indulgence now is limited to non-fiction books. Time and mortality ! I live my life urgently, but going nowhere fast but arrived plentiful. Would you know what I mean ?

My reading time is very limited. It used to be at breakfast time at a cafe, just before the food arrives. I’d read a  a few pages, or a chapter, finish breakfast, then go. Or I’d read on the train, depending on passengers’ cooperation not to yell loudly into the phone next to me. It’s rare that I get to finish any book. But somehow I do for some good reads. I love planes, airports, train stations. I don’t mind queing . The wait gives me the excuse to bring out my book.

I am not the speed read type. I savour my words. When I read, I get to know the writer. The author becomes my friend. He teaches me things, and shares nuggets with me. I don’t necessarily remember the author’s name exactly. Is that bad? The only exception is when I attended a book signing once, where the author and her subjects became real, not some imaginative translation from words in my head. That blew my mind away.

I read to learn, to see how I can work things better, do better, understand better whatever that I am interested in, building or perplexed about.  Sometimes I buy a book for its very title. It has inspired me and therefore it’s job is done.

Sometimes I walk into a bookstore and I despair. I will never be able to get all that knowledge. It is too much to read. I’d never be able to read them all. I am interested in them. So sad. If books are not immediately applicable, there is less chance for me to read them. The wonders of maths and science for example. I know I will enjoy them. I know I will be able to appreciate those numbers more. I am sure that I can understand the elegance of maths if it is explained to me in layman terms, like some books do. I own some of those books, but they don’t get their time with me yet. 😦

When I read, usually this happens. I am doing a double. I am reading and enjoying the read, while the words cross my eyes, my brain is also creating its own stories/thoughts on parallel. Perhaps you can say that ideas and inspiration are forming as I read.

So I don’t have to read a lot in one sitting. The nugget is in that parallel creation.  That’s when I happily close the book, finish my breakfast or move.

These days, I have even less time to read. That breakfast routine is no longer feasable. But that has to do with the need for Output. There is only so much I can take in without getting frustrated. So what if I know a lot? The main thing is in execution and action. It’s horrible talking to Opinionators. They just talk, and talk very cleverly. I am not interested in being clever. I am not interested in the talking. I am interested in how I can Do with what I know. How I can make things better with what I know.

Can you tell the difference between the Talkers and the Doers? There is a difference. I learnt to dismiss them. And of course they don’t like to be dismissed. After all, they do talk to show you how much they know.

Can you guess what I am reading most these days?

The Daily Post ! I comb through the blogs a few times a day to see  to see what’s new and if there is anything interesting to me.

But you can guess. I am blogging. I am Doing. I am joining the spirit of daily blogging. Daily Post is good for me because it is imperfect. Just like my blog is. Freshly Pressed does not interest me. For now I do not aspire to it.  Daily Post helps me by giving me the opportunity to explore. And be in a community. I may not interact with others, nor they me, but it does not matter, I am still in the community.  Interaction is important. yes, they do give the thumbs up, something is right and energizes the going. But I am happy about the space. Mostly, you get left alone to do your own thing and everybody keeps their respectful creative space. Interested, come in, not interested, pass on by.  That is why I dropped Facebook , or rather, they dropped me for not giving my full name (they changed policy and I wasn’t gonna keep up) and I said good riddance. I don’t like what I write sent out. If you notice, unless you are subscribed  and even then by your interest, it is more walk in and explore. By anybody. Facebook writing is totally in their faces and their rubbish in mine. I already said, I have limited time to read. So in a few years, if they are still around, like the yellow pages, maybe I might join them again. For now, pass on by pls.

Have I already mentioned the pleasure that Postaday2011 gives me? The friendship, my buddy waiting for me. My regular meeting, my routine.

So where was I, Output time. I have read so much, gained so much over the years of reading. Yes I will answer the 5 books topic of the day at some point. Output time. Time to Output from what I have had Input. Less reading, more doing. Less reading, more living. Less reading, more putting into practice all that I learnt in my head. Reality check. Less reading, more interaction.

Hence I am writing. I am blogging. In due time I will be published. That’s a fact.

Let my life be able to affect lives like a domino effect. Open eyes, do good, be good. Be good leadership forces. Stop nonsense.

Yes I was  also reading about <a href= ”  …> About </a>  today.  That was pretty slow reading.








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