Doing as I am told.

Head vs Heart

This is what I understand. The head does not understand the heart very well. The heart can’t make itself understood. The heart has no words like the head does. When the heart wins, ruination. When the head wins, tyranny.

To feel alive the heart needs in. But if the heart rules, chaos.

The head wants to protect the heart. The heart wants to show the head there is a better way, a richer more fulfilling way.

The head wants to control everything. The heart wants expansion.

They need to understand each other’s important roles. One keeps the inner, the other guards the outer.

The heart shows the simple way to happiness. A fisherman by the sea, living off it. Time with family, eat together, celebrate together, pool together. Take care of one another. Contentment.

The head brings lots of fun things. Techno gadgets. Bigger homes with pools, bigger jobs. Control. Status. More. MORE.

The heart, the soul is what gives meaning to living. To feel, to live.

But what is happening is, the heart and mind is out of whack. Mind games get in using the mind on the weakness of the heart. Manipulations.

The mind gets round and round within itself that it needs pills to stop it. Thus also stopping feel. Deaden the feel, to make living more tolerable.

The heart has its intelligence. The mind has its obvious intelligence. They both can educate each other. Each has information and insight that the other does not have.  Partner them both, the world will be right.

This post feels like a jot down points for a first draft.






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