Doing as I am told.

Captain America in 3D

What shall I write about today? I don’t feel like writing about 3d Captain America. I mean Captain America is bad enough, yes I was that bored, went to a cinema and it was immediately on, so I bought a ticket double the normal price to find it was 3D.

Since I did not get to participate in the 3D debate earlier, I really wasn’t that interested in the topic, but today, it was so bad, that, well, either I don’t talk about it and because it was so what a waste of  money and eyesight that I might as well speak about it.

I could expect what I expected out of Captain America, nothing serious, but this 3D thing is a scam to make more money. The only 3D that wowed me was Avatar. I really felt like I could reach those floating organisms and I wanted to touch them with my hand. I actually reached out for them. But these other 3Ds after that, yes, its 3 D is basically 3 flat planes of different depths of field on the screen. It is too obvious. You have the front row, one flat plane of let’s say grass, then you have the middle bit, then you have the furthest bit all out of focus. What a cheap deal.

In this Captain America in 3D, I was reminded of the old movies where you had the moving car and the screen outside which were shots of a street taken from a moving vehicle, while the car with the talking actors don’t actually go anywhere on the set.

Is this counted as a post? It isn’t really something I am interested to post, but there is nothing too exciting going on today.


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