Doing as I am told.

Writer’s Angst?

What shall I write about today. I wonder if it is true that I need some kind of angst in order to write. Like a tortured writer. Some kind of compelling reason necessitating a form of expression such as writing.

To use my time productively, too much alone time can bring on that angst, I decided to join a defense martial arts class. I joined them for three sessions straight. So I am nicely tired. Means brain is somewhat shut off. I don’t have a burning soul crying to be heard. But I do know that if I allow them in, they would be instantly taking over. I want to see how it feels to have a brain shut off, just deal with things as they arrive, cross the bridge when I come to it. Just live in the now and be present.

I’ll take a few days and see how it goes.

I said previously, I have much work to do for now.

Is this counted as a post?


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