Doing as I am told.

Fresh Blogg

Isn’t it strange, I seem to only want to blog fresh stuff. I had made a list of all the sporting activities that I did following the daily prompt and put it into draft. But I am reluctant to bring it out , complete it and post it.

But there is not a lot I want to talk about. My world is whirling around me. Every body’s world is whirling around themselves.

I guess the day is so eventful that I don’t want to remember it.

Instead of a broody life, I am going for out in the open busy social life. Well, life with people again.

The thing about living long is I manage to do a lot of things, live a lot of different lives and lifestyles.

See if you didn’t know me, you’d find me quite mad. I switch very fast. As soon as something is completed, it is Next!

So no, I am not a regular person at all.

I am going to join the regular lifestyle again. Let’s see what I will want to talk about from there. It’s going to be different because I am different.

Looks like this is going to be a chatty informal blog rather than an informative one with links and proper references.



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