Doing as I am told.

Missing Momentum

I have lost my momentum to blog. I like to ask the question why. Why blog? What’s the reason to blog? Even if I have the answers  or look like I do, I like to ask it again. Especially when I ‘lost’ it. Why ? Why ? Why ?

Not as a rhetoric. But really, Why ? But I like that  I did it. Then I get really to what it’s about, and what it’s about for me.

How did I lose my momentum? I was so tired from all the recent physical activities that at my usual time of blogging, I fell right asleep. And I fell asleep twice in a row. And so I lost the momentum.

Not sure where I left off, not sure how I want to pick it up again. I could tell you my past ideas. But I like my writing fresh. My past idea was to blog about the sporting activities that I had done, which turned out to be quite a list, that impressed even me. I call it my sporting resume.

Who knows, when I get in the mood again, I might just continue that topic. Already I have a use for it. It gave me an insight why I like to do what I do, why I find the physical body so precious and how much I enjoy it.

It also gives me a qualification why I am in position to speak with some authority about the wonderful body of ours and how it can go to pots.

A body that goes to pots is not fun, energy consuming and and limits the circumference of living access and activities significantly.

Seeing what I just said, it is not hard to get a post done. It can be done positively, in a good mood, or negatively, in no mood. And it didn’t take that much of an effort.


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