Doing as I am told.

66 and Wakeboarding

To blog for today, let’s follow the sporting theme. In fact, let’s do the wakeboarding topic. I told a retiree about how I showed the guy how to get up the other day. She told me wistfully, ‘You know, I want to do it again. I was just looking at the sunshine, the sea, and people with boats wakeboarding. I want to try it again.’

I looked at her,’ Didn’t you manage to get up before?’

‘ No’. A few  years ago, I had invited her to join a group of us on a wakeboarding trip.

‘I want to try again.’

Wow, what do you think?  Isn’t that cool? Don’t you want to be a retiree who is adventurous enough to want to learn new things? Wakeboarding ?!

Sure why not. Let’s do it again!

Don’t you just love a fantastic body? I told you, I love the body and have great respect for its incredibly perfect design.



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