Doing as I am told.

What you gonna think ?

What shall I talk about today. If I don’t quickly do it, again the chance will slip away from me. Shall I rant? I heard the news about a most terrible mother who control freaked her autistic teenager daughter and getting her daughter baptised and thanking the god almighty that she is the only person left in the world who can care for her daughter. My foot and utter baloney. She is controlling her daughter all for her egoistic matyr self. There is a school waiting for her to go back, teachers and therapists who see the potential in the kid and have been successful bringing the kid to another level of functioning, who are so ready to help the kid, which threatened the mom so much that the mom gave all sorts of excuses not to allow her to attend school. And she thanks god for that. I am like, what kind of a god is that and  of course I am real mad at the mom for taking up space on earth. Making the kid as part of her ego look how selfless and tireless I am. You wanna pity people  who have ills and misfortune in their life ? Well, poor kid. What you gonna do?

So that’s a rant.


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