Doing as I am told.


What shall I write about today? Blogging, I have been doing it for a coupla weeks and I keep wondering what it is all about. What the hype is about. For sure I do enjoy being somewhat exhibitionist with my thoughts, but other than that, what’s a blog? If I understand it in preblog terms, it is making your own newsletter, newspaper or a magazine. I mean that’s what freshly pressed is all about isn’t it, once the blog is all nice and pretty? I can see it for professional use. But other than that?

The blog is for me a practice area for me to  string words and sentences together and look at the results of it. It is, like they say, a warm up for the big stuff. Assuming that the bigger stuff would be coming along. Otherwise for now, blogging daily is an end unto itself. For me, the main criteria is, no suffering must be involved ! So far I seem to have achieved it. The only times I find it difficult is when  I across some really awful stuff which actually should make a good piece. But awful news is everywhere already so I hesitate and end up usually not writing of them.

Should a blog be only good news, trivial news, and politically correct? When I want to speak of something bad, it is not for ranting. It is really, I want to change something.

But I wonder if I am feeling the apathy and lethargy regarding the state of things and people and am probably just waiting for implosion and imminent collapse when the scales tip over so that everything rights itself thus conserving my indignant energy for better uses like a walk in the park.

So that’s my post of the day.


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