Doing as I am told.

How much is Enough?

What shall I talk about today? Mortality? My favorite topic of all time. Time passes too quickly. We think we have 80 plus years of life. I calculated, what are the most productive years, not all of it. What is in our past, our childhood, not counted, we could not control our environment nor did we know much about anything.

So there isn’t a lot of time when we are in control of our selves and our destiny to make significant changes and impact our world. I am talking about most of us, not the geniuses who die early after contributing their gifts to us.

We need so much time to make sense of our world, to become fully ourselves and comfortable in our skins and authority. Then there is really little time left before, well, before….our lights dim. Our strengths weaken and what we use to do so well, we are struggling with, we no longer even look the same.

Before I get to that stage, I want to be doing as much as I can. That is why, even the sport I choose, and I have chosen many, are the ones that are the most efficient, most economical and with the most and longest lasting benefits. For example, I am not into running because what happens when I stop for a week or two months? All that I trained for goes back to zero. But what if I learnt a sport that requires skill? That skill stays with me.

There is a worry with me, that time factor, what am I supposed to be doing and how shall I be doing it? Since all of us are heading there, how can I make sure my life has made a difference?

I am making a difference already, but is it enough, what is enough? When will it be enough?

I am not sure where this drive comes from, why I feel like this because I have discovered that few think like this. They think that I am overthinking.

But that is my drive.

Writing is part of it. Blogging helps me to it.



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