Doing as I am told.


Motocross, hmm? I have an Enduro, I like it nice, light, high and purple. It is too nice for me to risk breaking it into pieces from accidents doing tricks. So I use it for the road, get me into work, the seaside and back again.

A Frenchman asked me if I wanted to go, or did I ask to join him, I can’t remember. I went with a bunch of guys. But it was a weekend, all the bikes were taken. I didn’t want a dorky looking one, so the other guy took it. I wasn’t that adventurous, so I was okay with the other guys doing it. There was one little bike that didn’t start so well. You had to kick start it over and over. It just wouldn’t start. So I thought I’d just keep practicing the kick start. Until it started.

Whee! And so I went, follow the leader. He went up a steep hill and so did I. No problem. Until I found out at the top that going up steep meant coming down steep too.


What to do? So steep? But can’t stop, others coming up behind. Can’t go backwards…..I look down…. erm……

So I went, thoughts of tripping head over heels and breaking my neck. I can’t tell you where my heart went.

Made it.

Went the whole circuit, it was fun, thought I’d try the jumps next round.

Oops, the engine died again. So I kicked start over and over again.

Ahh, it starts, now I am more bold. As soon as I came to the bottom of that steep hill, I accelerated with the handle VROOM!

It was after all a little bike, the littlest size of them all.

Yeah,  Vroom the bike went, little but extremely powerful,  from right under me, whoosh, into the air, throwing me backwards flat to the ground and watching in slow motion the bike flying into the air by itself  against the blue sky and coming down again for a landing.

How it did not land on top of me was a *phew* lucky I was.

That was the end of my trip. No more bikes left.  I had to pay for the broken handle. It was only a broken handle for the bike that went flying into the air. I was glad it was only a handle and nothing more.

So I waited for the rest of the guys. One other newbie finished early and decided to mess around on the flat ground where we were, just going round and round. Nothing much.

But the bike tripped over a little stone and he fell over. And broke his collar bone. Not doing dangerous stunts, just messing about on flat land.

So off to the hospital we went.

And then I got to hear horror stories of that frenchman, who had broken his back and sprained his neck and on braces for months, but still back again for more.

So I decide, maybe not a sport for me. After all, it is motorized sport, so not really a sport.

But if given a chance right in front of me, I might do it again. Otherwise, I won’t go look for it.





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