Doing as I am told.

Cool Summer

What shall I write about today? How the summer is ending. Every summer I feel the heat and hate it. I hate the humidity, the smog, the heat. Every summer if I have to walk outside, I hate all of humanity.

Surprisingly, this is one summer where I did without air conditioning at home, just the fan, and I hardly ever felt the summer hate/heat.  Or it just never bothered me, I learnt to cool down?

So it is quite surprising a find. I can live without the air conditioning, although not for work since it involves clients. The nights are quite alright with just the fan. I found a trick though for the occasional very hot nights. It’s in the form of two small water pads, where I will lay up against for its cooling effects.

The other times, I get the heat but the heat turns quickly into the air conditioning of walkways and indoor connection between buildings.

So this summer, I hardly felt the heat. Or the hate. And surprisingly, autumn is here.

Is it then all in the mind? Because the mind in peace, the body is cool.

I mean like, even the mosquitoes come look for me when I feel agitated. They leave me alone when I am not hot and bothered.


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