Doing as I am told.


Is Fear bad ? Is fear to be gotten rid of? Or is it more important to have an outcome despite the fear?

So what is this thing called fear? Is is such a big deal, is it the end unto itself or it just an obstacle like a halloween House of Fright where you walk in at the Entrance and your goal is to arrive to the exit and along the way, Ghosties and Frightfuls pop  up to give you all the fear response. Do you turn back or do you continue the path to the exit? Does it help that you know that there is an exit and that the frights real as they are are harmless?

Or what about watching a scary movie, knowing the possibilities that you will be frighted right out of your seats but you know the movie will end and you can always walk out of the cinema any time?

So what place has fear? Is it to be avoided at any cost? Or is it just a normal side response that is to be navigated while we achieve our goals?

So it does help to have goals, while if there are no goals, Fear will be the default end unto itself?

When I began to lead my own life, my way, my style, I began to be aware of Fear. I trembled a lot. To make my life. To create my own life. Trembling seems to be my default seasonal mode. But if I actually sat down and counted the things I did, I have done so much more, and pushed so much boundaries that it is kinda stupid to talk to anyone about my fear.

Mu bucket list, to Overcome Fear itself? Assuming, it is that big a deal? Should fear be that big a deal or should it just be, Feel the fear and do it anyway? In which case, it is not a big deal, just a normal other car to be aware of as you are driving along the road. Just be aware but go on your own way to arrive to your intended destination.

Hmm. Something for me to think about. Very interesting, even to me !


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