Doing as I am told.

Pain to Gain?

I’m a sucker for pain. Every time I take up a new sport, I would be limping, trudging and in some sort of pain. This time is no exception. I have blisters on one foot from the rental skates and they were saying the boots that I was going to buy had to be tight fitting. Ow.

My left knee I believe is a little swollen. One it was a place being kicked at, albeit through a pad, two, the skating lesson required me to go around a circle crossing the legs and since I was learning one way, to the left, my left knee had to remain bent to keep the balance.

My arms felt like they cannot be lifted, because everything seemed to involve lifting the arm. The punching, the forms, the ice skate balancing act.

My shoulders felt like they were the  incredible hulk, swollen from the muscular efforts and repair.

My fists, from punching the punch bag to the wall and the softer punch bag with naked fists, they are starting to hurt.

I don’t think my left shin can to any more kicks for the moment. The bone is sore.

Yesterday I went to bed in pain.

But this morning woke up great. Until I had to put the skates on.

What do I put myself in for….

But tomorrow, I will go for training. Only I will pick and choose lighter things to train.

I don’t know what I am doing. Or do I. I am a sucker for pain.

I actually think its fun.

Well, not the pain but the gain.



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