Doing as I am told.

In a worm, Out a Dragon

I walk in like a worm, but come out a Dragon.

wow. Incredible.

I told, I was in pain, muscular pain, blisters, heavy arms, painful fists and shin.  I did not feel like doing anything, but went I anyway, to open training to do the Forms. I thought that did not need much work.

I went there and stood. I was told a different stance, a wider stance with a more acute V shape intoe. My feet kept slipping out sideways. The trainer said, sit properly and everything would be natural. Nothing would slip. So I adjusted my standing sit where you stand relaxed with your knees bent. And so it was. When I found the right relaxed sitting, facing forward, everything naturally locks itself into its place, minimal effort required.

While my arms continued what it had learnt, today was more about the correct natural sit in the standing position. ( It’s like those pants that have a chair built in)

When my back and my seat area relaxed, my knees and my ankles and feet felt the strain.

It’s happened before, whenever I am in the correct stance for something, the supporting leg would spasm somewhere.

But I stood and stood, for hours, and the spasm went.

Later I tried the punch bag, kick punch punch. Kick Punch Punch.

The coach said, when you punch, punch straight in, from elbows out. Don’t just slap the bag around. Oh, it even sounds different. No wonder my fists hurt, I mean have you ever tried slapping anything? The pain resonates back to your hands and you hurt as much as you put in.

So he demonstrated. Thud Thud. So I went Thud Thud too. And picked up pace. Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud. If I said my fists were hurting, you wouldn’t believe me. It was a different technique, the force went out instead of coming back at me into my bones. So it didn’t get more painful.

So, I think that was what happened to my shin, by kicking very hard with the wrong technique, the shock came right back into my shin. It’s like slapping my own bone. By saying wrong technique, it actually looks the same. Only the force executed is different.

So I went in tired, in pain, demotivated

and came out a Dragon, light, agile and Refreshed.

That’s really surprising.





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