Doing as I am told.


What is it about pain. I thought I couldn’t get up this morning. My back was aching from someone else’s training.  I was holding the pad that they slapped their force in. Then when I got up, I found I must have overdone my kick. I could feel my Achilles tendon every step I took.  I was so tired.

I went ice skating anyway, different sets of muscles. Got my new pair of skates, thought it would hurt, me breaking it in, rather tight. Surprsingly not. Came back, no more back ache. Achilles tendon is going to be a little bit a bugger. But I love the sweat. I love the body. It is so perfectly intricately designed beyond comprehension.  I love my body. It is so clever, but that is due to the perfect original design.

And I am not tired anymore, au contraire.


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