Doing as I am told.

I Laugh

What an incredible day. I had signed up for bass guitar and drum lessons as well. Today, I took my first drum class, and immediately after that I met an owner of a live band bar  with international bands coming in. There is going to be a workshop tomorrow and I just got invited. lol…I am just a beginner, this is my first lesson but see where I am heading? Lol.. I laugh because life for me is on a roll. Whoppee !

lol…from beginner of 1st lesson to being on stage playing live !

I laugh.

And the other laughing matter? The fight class that I got into, after I graduated from the first grade, the second was horrible, all I wanted to do was technical skills and have fun, but there was all this ego and competition and nobody wanted to play with me because I didn’t know anything of the grade 2 stuff. I mean I was left standing in the class and I felt like a little girl going into class and not being welcomed and not being invited and stood there like a stupid fool. I wanted to cry. Actually I did, all those memories of the little girl. lol……

But I found a way out and the good thing about the school is that there are many avenues to learning and they welcome you to learn how it suits you.  Phew. I wanted to quit or take a month’s holiday, but in the end, I came back after a week ! Coz I attended Sunday, that has a more serene teacher, more boring activity of the standing art form, for hours just doing the art form and I asked that teacher how to do that grade 2 stuff. he showed me exactly how to do it, I got it. Yay ! I found a partner in case I was singled out in class again. Freddie the skeleton ! And I had asked the other teachers to teach me the form of the wooden dummy because I said, I don’t want my learning to be dependent on the availability of training partners. If there is nobody around and the seniors are too snobby to partner with me, then I want to be training something. The wooden dummy is not in the formal syllabus. Hehe, and they said yes, okay to have me learn it ! Yay ! Always something to learn! They were willing to teach me because I had the initiative and the ability as a quick study and I work very very hard.

See how much I laugh?




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