Doing as I am told.

Lost and Surprises

I kinda got lost. Very lost on dailypost2011 Therefore nothing to write about.

Lost the plot, lost the way.

Come nanowrimo,I am still thinking about it. I do have something to write about. I have a title actually.

Being lost is fantastic actually. Being lost means you lose all tack of everything,

the way, the goal posts, the destinations.


The fantastic thing is, the surprises you find along the lostness

among the lostness

Find a new lead

Surprise yourself about yourself

Finding new joys, new capabilities

new friendships, new families (figurative)

New everything is possible

Only when One gets Lost.

I am tempted to say, Losted.

I love playing with words.

I love to Play.

Being Lost gives me great Surprising Opportunity to Play

There, answered the theme of Surprises too by Scott Berkun.


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