Doing as I am told.


Oh dear, what have I done? I took a week off any physical training or and cut some classes but as soon as I get to go again, now look what happened. I can hardly walk. I have to get up by using my arms to help me get up. I can’t walk the stairs, I walk with a limp. I actually started waddling this morning.

Yea, so what happened? I’d been ice skating for 5 hours on Tuesday, thinking all is well, another 2.5 hours the next day, still doing very well, managed the lunge, like a romeo on skates. And today….oh, how will I be able to attend class tomorrow ? But then I bet the coach will be pleased, I did work so hard !

So all in all, I am enjoying the ice skating more than the fight class. The fight…it is becoming quite silly to me, and I have to engage with people that I may perhaps not be inclined to. Ice skating, you just do your own thing, and keep at it, and if you wanted, you talked to the others, and it can be quite a social event.

But my pants are now falling off my hips, and trouser leg now sweeps the floor. Getting very toned legs !




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