Doing as I am told.

No Banana Hands Please

How did I even manage to stand upright I have no idea. When I got up, it was ooh, and aah… so slowly. I thought about how I was going to be able to manage skating class today. But I went anyway, put on my boots, gingerly tried my way on ice. Seems okay. Then my lesson time came, coach asked me to do this and do that, he said,’ Hey, you have improved so well, you are much more stable on your skates now, you can even lift your leg so much higher.’

Then he asked me to do the crossover. He told me we must look good on ice, so no banana hands please. I have to put up my hands so daintily. He watched me, corrected me and said, ‘The great thing about you is that once something, one little part gets mentioned, you can correct it almost immediately and change the whole way you skate. ‘ So he went on correcting me, till even I felt the smoothness of my movements, without scraping the ice, and feeling so graceful and effortless. I could feel his delight when he said ‘very good’ ! And how sweet my heart was when I heard that. I felt his pleasure, my pleasure. And of course immediately after that I fell out of sync !

I showed him my romeo lunge.

Then he taught me a new move, dig my toe into the ice and twirl around the ice with the other foot, and move into landing on the other leg with the other leg in the air. I managed that too. No problem.

After class, I took off my boots, and limped back to the office.Heh.

That five hours Tuesday and 2.5 hours Wednesday paid off. Somehow.

My pleasure for the ice is increasing. My pleasure for the fight class is decreasing. So my time allotted, especially my rest time vs workout time shall accordingly be adjusted.
I mean, in just one week of necessary rest from activities, I’d forgotten what pain felt like !




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