Doing as I am told.

Passion of the day

Time, so little time.

I bought more books. I so regret that I can no longer afford the time for fiction. For my story entertainment, it is the dvd series or the cinema. Not to say I can’t afford the time, nothing I like to do but to spend the luxurious time doing nothing but reading novels or a crime buster on holiday. But usually, when there is a non fiction book next to it for choice, that is what I usually choose.

Ice skating, I am beginning to love the ice. Really, I never thought it would give me this feeling. I am getting better at it, and I love the little challenge of the smallest significant improvement demanded from me. Well I demand it, it is pointless to keep doing the unsure thing with my foot over and over again. It bores me. That is part of the basic. If I can’t get the basics right, it is really unnecessary for me to try any funny tricks. So for now I am content with that. I love it. I love collaborating with my coach. He knows what he wants me to learn, he allows me to choose how I want to learn and works with me accordingly. He gives me more complex tricks than I can manage, one or two more, he also teaches me simple tricks in the interim, different styles of stopping for example. And he allows me my emotional days or my off days, because when that happens, I tell him, he would just gear down to the very basic stuff. I asked him about one very uncomprehensible part why I can’t do it, he would give me other exercises to do and does not keep harping on the same thing in the same way. The other exercises would show up my weakness very clearly and he could explain differently to me.

So today, my problem with turning left is I wasn’t turning and sitting into my foot properly. I wasn’t sitting properly ! I still haven’t got it. Depending how I feel tomorrow, I might go an practise some more. I simply have to get it.

Love, passion, I think today belongs to the ice.






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