Doing as I am told.

The sun, my heart, standing

I am unusually happy today.

Let me recount.

The sun is out, the nice warm sun, in the cool air.

The sun in winter makes one happy. Makes me happy.

Two, talk about my fight class that I felt like giving up because I was getting bored. My instructors actually went about creating magic for me. I had so much fun, in mock  gang attack, being the attacker (actually zombie style in slow motion to give the main guy a chance to do his thing)  and being the attacked. I was laughing so much that I was out of breath from it. I am not sure yet how I will be if really met with a real life situation. I hope that never happens. I certainly have questions to ask my instructor, I mean well and good if I am facing a fight one on one, but when a whole gang comes up, how does one keep the stability to do the style of martial arts and still move around fluidly ?

I am always nervous when a gang of guys come up against me. Even if it is mock, I am not that comfortable with the situation.

The instructors normally just do 2 on 1 but today, having me there and another classmate that I cannot stand, I mean last week, when faced with that classmate, I went straight to sit down and have tea, then went to the toilet, then went straight out the door and home without a word. I think they figured out I had a problem with the guy, so today, they created magic, bring all fun into the group and make it into a cohesive group so there is little chance of one on one. And that brings the good feeling to everyone. That’s creating magic thoughtfully.

Actually, that’s creative action according to the situation by the instructors.

So I am happy again about the fight class, because after all, I am there to have fun, workout and some useful skills to collect.

The ice skating, wow, I am developing a love relationship with it. I mean, I start to feel what it feels to feel good on ice. To fly on ice. Okay, I can fly only on one side well,  the other leg I have to work at.

I love being happy, I love magic. By me, or by someone else to me.  I love having my heart open and full of love and happiness.

And there is one other thing that adds to my happiness. A weird other thing. In actuality, I have been duped big time. Big time. I found my response to be, relieved. Because I thought it was my problem, but it turns out, I was right and when the cards were revealed, I was right, there was something wrong in the whole interaction.  I am happy being duped. No, I am happy that while I was being duped, I had worked very hard to figure out what’s what and who contributed what, and it turned out that I was right, just some things I could approach better, so my ground was solid even though I was pretty unhappy about things at the time. Because of that, when I found that the other guy had been trying to dupe one over me, it didn’t affect me much at all. I gave it a few days to let it sink in but I found that I was quite happy, like you see, today, I am happy !

So like the fight class tries to teach, be centred, stand on your space, never chase into the space of the other, just stand your space and protect your space  and even when making offense, stand within our space, balanced, never letting ourselves get off balance.

So in this case of being duped, I was standing my space, working what I could on my part, so when the truth came, I was pleased because I’d done right.

So whatever you do, or others to you,  be standing in your own space. All else will fall away, you will still be standing.







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