Doing as I am told.

Mellow of the Thanks

I am not sure what to write today, I am pretty much in a mellow mood. Must be because of all these great vibes that comes from all these giving thanks.

I am in the mood where my mind floats itself, towards the direction of tweaking little somethings, that will significantly affect the direction of my life.

You know the kind I mean, you sorta tweak your vibes a little, frequencies a little higher and you know that the not so awesome stuff will have to get left behind. Bye bye, good riddance !

Oh, how much pleasure I have in this thought.

I love ice skating, I love when my fight class lets us play. I love to play and laugh and have plenty of fun. I love my incredible mind. I love chatting with people and seeing them take their rightful places in the world, as World Effectors. World Affectors ? Effect, affect. Hm. I love engaging with people and having fun.

Yes, surely my vibes must shift. Just that little bit will make all the difference. Shift the tuning. A little to the right, we leave that old channel, we go on to more exciting fun channels.

Fun and laughter and play.



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